Realtime Workforce Management

10% higher company results

Labour productivity is growing by an average of 10-12% through improved employability of personnel. The efficiency of the capacity planning rises from 100% to more than 350%.

Pay as you use

No upfront investments, no license costs, no start-up or consulting fees. Just pay as you use.

Improved competitiveness

Increase competitiveness by significantly improved operational performance with the existing customers and unique differentiating factors in front of potential customers.

What is Workgenda?

Workgenda is a SaaS business tool for operational excellence.

Adaptive Forecasting

The forecasting is processed by a closed-loop intelligent simulator, which accounts, if necessary, the influence of external stimuli.

Automatic planning

The combinatorial explosion calculation is reduced by Workgenda’s mathematical algorithms to tens of seconds, regardless of the number of employees.

Integrated time registration

Activity based accounting is directly visible in the time registration data.

On-the-fly adaptive planning

Changes in the operations are instantly and automatically processed in the planning.

Real time communications

All schedules and mutations thereof are immediately communicated to the smart phones of the personnel.

Self-service & e-Onboarding

Media items with relevant instructions and information are delivered to the smartphones when deploying personnel.

Workgenda is currently being used for, among others, facility management, staffing, healthcare, retail and call centers companies.