Realtime Workforce Management

Cloud services

Workgenda integrates with the back office & Extranets

Fast and easy integration with back office entities:
HRM & CRM systems
ERP systems
ACD systems
Payroll systems
Data mining & big data applications
CMS & e-Onboarding content applications
Other Business Intelligence systems.

Workgenda promotes teamwork

Within the organization itself and with external parties.

The manager

Involves resources efficiently based on competences, produces planning, carries out mutations and manages leave and sick reports efficiently.

The employee

Manages availability, leave and sickleave through self-service and receives the schedule, accept and exchange it if necessary.

The HR department

Receives directly and clearly approved data for payroll, employee reviews, availability and occupancy reports.

Your company

Improves its services and competitiveness through real-time response to changes in business operations and cost-effective workforce management.

Your customers

Can place orders online, have direct insight into the planning and mutations thereof and can authorize the time registration data online.

Third parties

Can be involved directly, controlled and real time in the implementation of operational activities.

Workgenda - the service for efficient management of your resources

Workgenda is a SaaS service for a fully automated, effective and efficient workforce management. All workforce management steps are fully supported by Workgenda:


Forecasting based on relevant company data.


Capacity planning based on forecasted skill needs.


Communications - real time.


Time registration - integrated with HRM for pay rolling and CRM for invoicing.


Management reports - real time and on multiple levels.